Friday, 21 May 2010

May 21 2010- The Past School Week

The last full week of school is over. I am glad. Teachers this year were trying to rush to the end of the book. Any way, since I have nothing else to say about school. I guess I will talk about my other accounts. I have a few other accounts on other websites of the internet.
Here Is A List:

Shadowclanleader1 (yes a very geeky title)


Vampirecat613 (really its one of my friend's accounts but i made almost all the videos)

Violaundviolin (little account shared)

Ok, I guess I will only talk about youtube, so that is pretty much it for the day.
Oh yes, for my other blog, my friend and I are posting one short story each of us wrote, sometime soon, so look out for it.

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