Friday, 28 May 2010

May 28 2010- Picture

Light In a Forest

May 28 2010- Rated R Movies and Teens

   Since it is summer vacation, I have had a lot of free time to think and play on the computer. Well, recently I have been thinking about teens and rated R movies, since I am a teen and I absolutely love rated R movies. Well, I was reading other peoples opinions on should teens watch rated R movies. Well, a lot of them were really strict mothers. You see, I had a big problem with a lot of the opinions (I'm not saying people aren't intitled to their opinions), but it was just so annoying.

   I am aloud to see almost any movies that are not rated over R. The only type of movies I am not aloud to see is devil worship movies. So obviously my parents are not very strict in the movie section, or really in books or music either (actually they get mad at my little sister sometimes, since she listens to Kisha who is absolutely disgusting). I don't see why they would be, since I don't see why you would be strict in the movie section, when at school they learn everything they would see in movies.

    Here I am going to give a example of each section that movies are grading on to give them their rating and how you can see them in a teens life.

1. You can read about it in books. In fact a lot of YA novels has sexual situations in them, most of the adult novels I have read have extreme sexual situations it.
2. In school there is a lot of sexuality. I have seen people making out in the hallway. I have seen pregnant girls in my school. I have heard guys call girls sluts and lays. I have heard boys in my classes talk about doing it. Not to mention all the sexual comments you here.
3. Your family members might say sexual things, you could see your family members do sexual things.
4. Internet

1. Haven't most people seen there family members naked. Seriously what is so bad about seeing it in a movie? It is the same either way, unless they are mutants or something.
2. Beaches, well they are not exactly naked, but some people are pretty close.
3. Yourself, seriously it is the same as looking at yourself in the mirror.
4. Internet

1. Ever seen a fight at school?
2. Books often describe violence with tons of violence.
3. Tv, I don't think tv sensors violence too well, as they do cursing. Like when I was watching 30 Days of Night on tv. Even though it was supposed to be edited, I can still claim it to be one of the most violent movies I ever seen even above Sweeney Todd.
4. Newspapers can tell you stories of violence and murderer.
5. Internet

1. Ever walked into a Halloween store.
2. This is not a really good example, but you could of seen a murder of something.
3. Internet

Scary/ Intense Sequences:
1. Has the power ever turned off at you at school?
2. Halloween
3. Haunted Houses
4. When two family members fight it can become pretty intense.
5. Movie trailers can be very creepy.
6. Books

1. At school you can hear extreme amounts of cursing.
2. Your family might curse at home.
3. Anywhere you can hear cursing.
4. Internet

1. Tons of adults drink all the time.
2. They have wine at synagoges/churches.
3. Other kids.
4. People smoke everywhere.
5. At school I've heard people selling drugs in the back of the class.
6. On the streets. Ever been to a big city?

So that is pretty much it.

Thursday, 27 May 2010

May 27 2010- I Haven't Posted

I haven't posted in a long while. It is mostly because I have nothing to say. Well, I was thinking about this blog and what to do with it. After a long while, I finally got an idea. I will post some of my pictures on it. I take a lot of pictures, well I don't take pictures all the time, but everytime I go somewhere I take tons of pictures. So I decided I should post some pictures. Some of the places I have been, but most of nature because that is what I take pictures of.

I also set up a little display on my desk to take a picture of for my header. I believe it looks ok, but I am not really sure. All I have to do is wait until it is sunset so it will look pretty. For this one I am going to take the header picture with my parents good camera instead of the camera that takes really bad pictures that I usually use. But that means it is going to take a long while for the picture to be done, since I can not just load it on to the computer. So ok that is pretty much all I have to say for today. Maybe on Friday I will post some of my pictures. So too da loo.

Friday, 21 May 2010

May 21 2010- The Past School Week

The last full week of school is over. I am glad. Teachers this year were trying to rush to the end of the book. Any way, since I have nothing else to say about school. I guess I will talk about my other accounts. I have a few other accounts on other websites of the internet.
Here Is A List:

Shadowclanleader1 (yes a very geeky title)


Vampirecat613 (really its one of my friend's accounts but i made almost all the videos)

Violaundviolin (little account shared)

Ok, I guess I will only talk about youtube, so that is pretty much it for the day.
Oh yes, for my other blog, my friend and I are posting one short story each of us wrote, sometime soon, so look out for it.

Sunday, 16 May 2010

May 16 2010- A Design

I have made a design it is not to good yet since I need more time to make the header nice and maybe take new pictures. I also need a better background, so eventually I'll make one I might see if I can take a picture at whatever place I am going to go today. I have no possible idea of what I am going to do to this blog, well in the design sense. I am getting a little tired of nature pictures.

Saturday, 15 May 2010

May 15 2010- A New Start

Yes, I have created another blog and deleted my hopeless movie review blog, I figured that if I want to write parental movie reviews I will write them here. Now, you are probably wondering, why should you create another blog if you have a perfectly functional book blog called Books are a Gardens . Well, I sometimes get these thoughts that I just want to share, but I don't think they have to do really anything with books. So this is my way of writing them. A lot of things will be on this blog if I ever get around to using it. Maybe movie reviews, maybe music suggestions, maybe my thoughts on events. A lot of things can come on here we just have to see how this is going to work out. I will work on a design for this blog. Something probably either purple or read. I might have to take some new pictures for this one of maybe I can find something suitable for this in ones I have already taken. Probably not, after all they are all pictures of trees. Well, ta ta for now. I have to change the colour scheme.